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Experience Lejwe La Metsi

With 2500 hectares at your disposal, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty of Lejwe La Metsi.

From romantic retreats to child-friendly holidays and milestone celebrations, Lejwe La Metsi has something to offer everyone. Explore our lush gardens and magnificent waterfalls surrounding the lodge at your leisure, or opt for a few of the below activities on the reserve or nearby.


Conservation Game Drives

Lejwe La Metsi’s malaria-free wilderness is home to a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna. Guests can look forward to flexible and informative drives where you can see up to 50 different mammal species, including leopard, hyena, jackal, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra and many more, as well as learn about the marvels of the African bush. Guests will also be given the opportunity to enjoy an upfront and completely unique sighting of our rare species of East African Buffalo, Zambezi Sable, Golden Wildebeest and Black Impala. Our expert and informative guides will share our story of conservation, including providing an understanding of what makes these animals unique and what needs to be done on a daily basis to ensure their welfare and preservation.

Walking Safaris

For an immersive experience of Africa, embark on foot with our expert guiding team exploring the sights, sounds and smells of the bush, often invisible when on a game drive. Marvel at flowering plants or the bright colours of a lilac breasted roller in a tree and feel your senses heighten as you experience the world around you in a prehistoric way.


As the sun sinks below the horizon, turn your gaze to the stars for a spectacular sky safari. Due to the reserve's remote location, there is virtually no light pollution, meaning that the skies are some of the best in Africa for astronomy. Enjoy breathtaking stargazing and the view from the Southern Hemisphere all from the comfort of your suite at Lejwe La Metsi.


Sip on a refreshing sundowner at the end of a relaxing day at the viewpoint overlooking a waterhole below. Sundowners can be arranged with or without a game drive beforehand and offer a wonderful opportunity to slow down and drink in the vibrant colours of the African sky before the sun sinks below the horizon.

Royal African Spa

Unwind and feel rejuvenated with an indulgent treatment in the capable hands of our qualified spa therapists at our Royal African Spa. Treatments, ranging from facials and massages to aromatherapy, can be enjoyed in the privacy and comfort of your private villa. Our healing and re-energizing therapies are the perfect accompaniment to a few days spent in the tranquility of the bush.


Dining at Lejwe La Metsi is an experience completely tailored to your tastes and preferences. Meals can be enjoyed in a variety of magical locations including al fresco in the garden, picnic-style in view of the waterfall, in the spacious dining room or in the open-air dining area of the villas. For a special occasion, guests can look forward to an atmospheric dinner at Lejwe Amphitheater.

Families and children

Being family owned and run - Lejwe La Metsi understands the needs of families and takes deep pride in hosting families and children of all ages. Our villa’s have been specifically designed with families in mind, and are therefore completely child friendly. Our team of highly qualified and friendly guides are passionate about educating the next generation about conservation and showing them the wonders of the African bush. In addition, our team is driven to keep the young ones entertained through the day so that you can enjoy some time to relax and rejuvenate during your family getaway at Lejwe La Metsi.

Nearby Activities & Attractions

Located just a few kilometres from Bela Bela, Lejwe La Metsi is the perfect base from which to explore some of the most exciting attractions the region has to offer. Transport can be arranged for any of the below activities.

Big 5 Game Drive

For those in search of the Big 5, game drives in nearby Nature Reserves can be arranged. The reserve is also home to hippo, hyena, giraffe and abundant bird species.


There are a handful of great courses just a stone’s throw from Bela Bela - Elements Private Golf Reserve, Koro Creek and Zebula Country Club to name but a few.

Big Cat Interaction

Take a walk on the wild side with the cheetah and lion, cared for by the knowledgeable team at Big Cat Experiences. Available to those over the age 15.

Elephant Interaction

See the largest land mammals on earth with an up-close interactive experience with these gentle giants and learn all about them from trunk tip to tail.

Mystic Monkeys

Visiting Mystic Monkeys & Feathers Wildlife Park is a great family outing offering a look at over 44 primate species as well as exotic birds and unusual predators.


Enjoy an adventurous zig-zagging tour of the tree-canopied Waterberg Mountains on a ziplining tour to discover the natural beauty of the region in a two and a half hour tour.